$200 average earning / 10% of each sale

Let’s do some simple calculations


Anyone can be an affiliate

independent home based business

Include a link to our site, or a Ketver banner on your site to make huge money on referrals.

dynamic entrepreneurs

Drive leads through online marketing methods like PPC, SEO, email marketing, and the like.

Let’s show you some benefits you’ll have on being an Affiliate

Totally free to you

No Membership fee or any minimum amount of project you can start with even a simple project

Up-front payment

You get paid immediately when the client makes their first payment. No cash-out minimums, or any nonsense.

45-day cookie

When customers click on your affiliate link, we keep a record of their visits to our site for the next 45 days. If they decide to contact us and end up booking a site, you’ll still receive a commission.

Unlimited earnings

Our projects range in price from $2,000-$100,000. No matter how big the project, you still earn 10%.

Start earning money now.

Why be a  affiliate?

All of the profit with none of the work

If you’re an overworked web developer or designer looking to cut down your work flow, send projects our way instead! You’ll collect a hefty profit, and we take care of everything start to finish (no need for you to provide customer support, or anything of the sort). Maybe you’re not equipped to handle large custom jobs, or small business sites, or even print work. Regardless of which projects you don’t want to deal with, you can still profit from them. Send leads our way and collect 20% each time.

Incredible opportunity

While most affiliate programs offer 5%-10% margins on products that cost less than $100, when you send us a webdesign customer, you’ll get a whopping 20% of an order that’s typically worth $3,000 or more. That means that referring four web design affiliate projects per month is worth $2,400/month, or over $28k/year.

Easy to acquire projects

Ketver websites are easy to sell because they make money. A great website can make thousands, if not millions of dollars per year, yet hundreds of thousands of small businesses are forced to settle with bad Google results, underperforming websites and lackluster online profits. Our new, state-of-the-art responsive websites fix all of these problems, while paying themselves back extremely quickly (often within the first month).

Across the Globe

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a startup looking to build the next Facebook, we can help. We’ve dealt with clients in nearly every industry, and we’ve built sites of almost every type. That means that regardless of the programming capabilities or experience your clients need, we’re the perfect fit.

We offer Marketing Help too

We don’t just build websites, we help market them, too. Each one of our clients receives a detailed marketing consultation after site completion that gives them step-by-step, actionable instructions on how to make their website into a money-making machine. This isn’t a cooke-cutter report either – we do our homework and provide absolutely custom advice that each client can really use. It’s like having an ad agency on your side, without the ad agency pricing.

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