About Ketver


Ketver is a 5 years+ old experience Egyptian software house that provides top notch development services for web, mobile apps and management systems.

We are driven by our vision of becoming the role model for software development businesses around the world by actualizing our client’s visions, empowering our employees, and non-stop development.



We are keen to protect your idea and your project.

  • We never disclose any private information regarding your idea, project or information. We can sign an NDA upon request.
  • If you have a real genuine idea that has not been launched before, we are obliged to not build it to ourselves or to any other party.
  • If your idea is genuine and has not been launched before, we promise not to build a similar project to any other party for two years.
  • The projects have an indication that Ketver is the developer of them. This “created by” line should stay intact.


We have some roles to help facilitate the cooperation and make everything clear.

  • We accept a limited number for projects as per our capacity. If we cannot accept more projects for a certain period of time, we announce that on the website.
  • In order to make our communication with you the most useful, please have a specifications document ready. Such document is crucial helps us determine the execution period and price and acts as a biding document.
  • We do not accept projects that contain songs, celebrities, reba or any other issues that violate Sharia.
  • We do not develop projects that were initiated by others. This proved to be time consuming and low in reward.

  • If we receive two concurrent requests, the request of the current client has the priority.

  • We accept outsourced projects but we need to show our “developed by” line.


Let’s make one of the critical issues not critical at all!

  • After having the final requirements, we estimate the execution period and the price based on the actual work involved. We do not give an irrational estimation.
  • If you are collecting proposals to take your decision based on price only, you will be better off dealing with another company. We offer a different quality and a different level of service.
  • You should not disclose the details of our offer to any party.
  • In mega projects, payments are tied to deliverables.


How we make everything comfortable for you and for us.

  • We spend enough time with you in the analysis phase to come up with the best possible features.
  • If the project turns to be huge, we prefer splitting it into smaller phases. This allows for faster launch and less cost.
  • Open source files and databases are given to you after the delivery.
  • As soon as we begin working on the project, we cannot make any modifications to the original requirements document. If you have any additions or modifications, you can prepare a document for the new phase. This way, we can deliver the project during the promised period and for the agreed price.

  • You will always be included in the development process to review the work early.
  • We do not give excuses for delays or problems. You get what you deserve.


And now, the biggest advantage!

  • We offer a lifetime warranty against programming and design bugs. Once a report is received, we start working on fixing it immediately (except in weekends and in holidays).
  • We offer the needed training to your staff so that they can use the system efficiently.
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